About Us


Paul Robesin and his wife Marion Robesin-Hommel are together the heart and the motor of Indrahorse.

They met, thanks to the horses and the horses stayed with them ever since.

Already more than 28 years Paul and Marion Robesin are creating and manufacturing bodyprotection products for horses.

“In 1988 we introduced a back protector for horses which was unique in material and use. This pad was known worldwide under the name Action Backpad. Later we had to change the name in Indrahorse Backpad as an American company claimed the property of the name Action.”

“ We continued to develop new body protection products for horses and in 1992 we once again introduced a complete new product : The Indrahorse 3 in 1 Legprotector. Unique in shape and unique in materials used. All riders, professionals and others, knowing what is best for their horses, favor our Indrahorse 3 in1 Legprotectors as the most trustworthy and most comfortable legprotection for their horses.”

Our mission is to help you with the total wellbeing of your horse.

Our main goal is to protect your horse by manufacturing products for the safety and comfort of your horse.

We do not use materials which could damage your horse, neither on the physical, nor on the energetic level.