Why Protection?

Indrahorse 3 in 1 Legprotector

The difference between a tendon protector and the Indrahorse 3 in 1 Leg protector is the hard shell of the tendon protector. Most people think that a hard shell is necessary to protect the tendons and the soft tissues of the canon bone.  However that is not correct!

It is very important to protect the tendons in case a horse would suffer from a blow or hurts its leg in any other way. It is not necessary that this protection is made of a hard material, on the contrary : a hard shell does not absorb the shock of the blow. A blow causes vibrations and it are these vibrations which cause damage to the tendons.

Only a special soft material which is known as shock absorbing can prevent this and a double layer of neoprene or low quality foam does not do the job.

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High quality materials

Another disadvantage of tendon protectors with a hard shell is that most of them are too narrow on the hind side cause of the cheap production method. They disturb the horse in its movements and they often damage the skin which is shown only when the white hair appears! So the best solution is a soft and flexible leg protector made of good shock absorbing material. Horses are very sensitive on the legs and because of that we always choose for high quality materials which do not pinch or cut veins. The protective interior of our Indrahorse 3 in 1 Legprotector is voorzien van a very good shock absorbing material.

Our Legprotectors advantages

The  Indrahorse 3 in 1 Legprotectors  answer all demands from horse and rider

  • Flexible breathable outside material
  • Perfect protection of the tendons thanks to good shock absorbing material.
  • Ergonomic and elegant fit in the sizes XS – S – M – L – XL.
  • Stretch Velcro for strong attachment without blocking the blood circulation.
  • Perfect closed fit which prevents sand entering and thus avoids chafing spots
  • Indrahorse 3 in 1 legprotectors when properly attached, will never slip down.

The Indrahorse Legprotectors are already 25 years more than 3 in 1!

The Indrahorse Legprotectors are soft and flexible. The Indrahorse Legprotectors never block the blood circulation. The Stretch Velcro makes sure that the protectors are never too tight and you may attach it very well so that the Indrahorse Legprotectors never slip down.

How to put on legprotectors


Keep the legprotector open to the hind of the leg in the right place.


Close the top Velcro. Make sure that the Velcro strap is horizontal and that the protectors is closed properly


Close the second and third strap. Close the stretch straps tight, especially the third one.


The understrap should be attached to the lower back of the protector, not lower than the bottom of the protector. Attach the Velcro strap in the direction of the soft square and attach it there. If the strap is too long for the size of your horses leg then you cut it to size.