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Cooling the legs of your horse with water is of little use and is no real help with swollen legs or tendon problems. The Indrahorse Coolpack are needed for this. The Indrahorse Coolpack is a package that consists of four reusable coolbags (to keep in the refrigerator before use) and two large bandages of neoprene with two special mesh fabric pockets on the inside to hold the coolbags. The Mesh fabric lets the cold pass through but prevents too much cold. The mesh also keeps the coolbags longer cold for effective use.

59,50 € tax incl.

The INDRAHORSE COOLPACK consists of 2 large-size bandages made of neoprene with strong Velcro fasteners.
The inside of a bandage has two cotton-fabric pockets to hold the cooling bags.
The pair of Coolpacks comes with 4 cooling bags. These bags are reusable during a long time.
For emergency use e.G. during an event we have single use bags available.

Take the cooling bags from the freezer and put them in the pockets of the Coolpack bandages. Attach the bandage with the bags around the horses legs.
Fix the Velcro straps properly so that the bandage stays in place.
Do not leave the Coolpacks longer than 15 minutes on the horses legs.
Short cooling periods with intervals give the best results.

WARNING: Never use the cooling bags on the horses skin without the cover!
It will burn!

10-15 minutes. During this time the cooling bags have the right deep cooling temperature for the best result.

Take the Coolpack off after fifteen minutes and put a new set of cooling bags from the freezer back on after 30 minutes. Repeat this several times during the day.
Extra cooling bags are separate available in our Web shop.


Available in Black

Sizes: L (one size)