To advise on the size of the Indrahorse Boots we use mostly the European size of the horse, the so called ”stick size”.

For a horse of :

1.60 m. - 1,65 mS front legs and M hind legs
1.66 m. - 1.69 mM « L «
1.70 m. and moreL « XL

Length of the boots in cm.

XXXS19 cm. pony (A-B)
XXS20,5 cm. pony (C-D)
XS22 cm. pony (D-Cob)

The width of the boots is always corresponding to the length and is always Okay as we take a good overlap. You can see on photo how we measured the boots. Practically all horses and ponies have a different size in front and back. E.g : M in front and L in back The model of the boots is the same for front and back. Questions ?

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